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Adopt a Classroom

Quality Teaching for Quality Students

Many schools in low income areas are forced to use outdated school books and may not have the necessary supplies for the teachers to use (markers for the white board, chalk for the chalkboard, pens and pads) to enhance the students’ learning. We cannot expect classrooms in these conditions to provide high quality educators to teach our high quality students. Instead of having our teachers come out of pocket for school supplies, we would like to pave a way for them to have what they need to teach our students.

Let’s Come Together to Make a Change

Your generous donations will help the MACK Youth Foundation’s sponsored teachers create an inviting learning environment for underrepresented students. Our teachers will have the necessary supplies, and classroom, to provide high quality teaching to our high quality students/leaders. We aspire to provide high quality resources to our teachers, so we need your help. Let’s build a better future for our students together.

Volunteers for field trips and classroom assistants.

Going on field trips or having additional assistance in the classroom would help the teacher manage the classroom. Your donation of $250 would assist with resources volunteers may need. This includes snack expenses for field trips, and resources needed to help the teacher prepare the classroom.

$250 Donation

Help support our teachers by providing a gift to assist with purchasing classroom supplies.

A gift of $550 will ensure teachers will not have to come out of their own pockets to purchase school supplies. Your gift will help teachers be able to best support our students.

$500 Donatation

Career Day, Educational Seminars and Networking Events.

Your gift of $1,000 would help support a career day, an educational seminar, or networking event to aid in the career development of teachers and volunteers. The funds will go towards catering the events, educational materials and booking venues.

$1000 Donatation

The MACK Knack Pack

Care Package Program


As the cost of education increases for college students, (including purchasing books, room and board and transportation), funding to spend on food has steadily decreased. According to the article “Millions of College Students Are Going Hungry” by Adam Harris, more than a million students are at-risk of being food insecure. When these students complain, their voices are not heard and they are often told that if they’re hungry, they can purchase some ramen because “ramen is cheap”.  Ramen does not offer the nutrition value needed to have a healthy and balanced diet. These types of foods may be “cheap”, but they are hurting people more than helping them. Eating these types of processed foods does not provide students with any health benefits. However, with assistance from colleges and universities, the Mack Knack Pack can help students, at risk of becoming food insecure, by providing students with a food pantry at their colleges /universities.

The Mack Youth Foundation surveyed students around Michigan and students noted:

·         Lack of funds are often why they do not eat regularly;

·         They have limited choices of what they can eat because of money;

·         There is a lack of locations to get food for free or cheap;

·         And more.

58% of responders noted they worried about running out of food before they had enough money to buy more.

With the support of universities and colleges, the Mack Youth Foundation would help students acquire healthy foods through the foundation’s Mack Knack Pack program. The Mack Knack Pack would offer:

·         A donation of food to students’ current food pantry offerings;

·         Participation in setting up a food pantry program; and

·         Sending a special care MACK KNACK Food Pack to select college students who seek assistance.

The Mack Knack Pack would include food choices of: proteins, healthy carbs, fruits, vegetables and low caloric drinks/water. It is the Mack Youth Foundation’s goal to make sure students can be provided with a healthy meal to meet their daily goals.

To support the MACK Knack PACK Program please click on this link to donate


If you would like to partner with us and send regular donation please email for application.