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Life Skills



The MACK Foundation’s purpose is to shape the pathway of Michigan’s low-income youth between the ages of 5-18 and young adults during their first years in college, by helping them overcome life’s obstacles. Our life skills program will include, but not be limited to: financial literacy, work development and our ‘ready for school’ program.


Financial Literacy



of teens say are are not “financial fit”

3 in 4

teens turn to their parents for financial information


worry about borrowing too much in student loans


  • Help the community to understand the importance of financial education

  • Improve the economic structure of the communities by providing tools that will provide empowerment

  • Concur the Fight of predatory lending

  • Build skills and provide knowledge to secure meaningful well paid employment

Programs Offers the following subjects:

  • Household Budgeting

  • Pay Yourself First

  • Setting Financial Goals

  • Keeping personal Information Safe

  • Opening and maintaining a checking & savings account

  • Check Writing vs Money Orders (The Risk of Payday Lenders

  • Home Buying

  • Buy a Car vs leasing one

  • Credit 101 – scores, reports, Lending vs Leasing, Fico vs credit score

Sponsored by LevelOne Bank


Work Development


 Statistics show that first impressions are determined by:


the way you dress, act and walk through the door


The quality of your voice, grammar and confidence


The words you choose to say


  • To ensure each student understands the importance of “first impressions”

  • Make sure Best Practices of Resume Writing are understood and keywords are used.

  • Understand what the expectations in a job interview will be

  • The use of proper etiquette during the application process and post interview


  • Know why you want the job – articulate your response.

  • Study the company and know the role – research basic information.

  • Think like the employer – understand what the employer wants out of you.

  • Prepare for personality dynamics of your interviewer - understand that they have the best interest of the company.

Interview do’s and don’ts

  • Dress appropriate – men can wear pant suit and women can wear a pant suit or dress - no large jewelry or loud colors.

  • Shake interviewer hand firmly making eye contact and smile.

  • Please have copy of your resume and ask interviewer for a business card.

  • Give a concise summary of career, abilities and goals experience.

  • Accessing your weakness – avoid discussing personality and character flaws – discuss flaws that you can improve upon.

  • If phone rings avoid answering and apologize for it.


School Preparation



 On average, parents spend $488 for clothing, accessories, school supplies, computers and other electronics for their children.


At the MACK Foundation, our Ready for School Program focuses on making sure students are prepared and ready to learn, because education is a key factor for success later in life. As schools cut budgets, the burden for supplies falls to families, and it is a heavy burden – as much as $350 per student.

Our mission is to help students and families focus on getting a great education by taking away the worry about the cost of their supplies.

Provided for Students:

  1. Book Bags

  2. School Supplies

  3. Pens & Pencils

  4. Paper & Folders

  5. Crayons & Markers

  6. USB drives

Items are provided to students from low-income families through our program.