Our events are to promote, inform and educate attendees on the purpose of the MACK Foundation.


Autism Walk

July, 2018

Detroit Zoo - Held by AAOM

Autism Hero Walk - aaomwalk.rallybound.org

We are dedicated and highly supportive of the Autism Walk and its mission to educate and support our communities. You can get involved by donating or participating in the Autism Hero Walk held at the Detroit Zoo. Please click on the link for more information to find out future information on the Hero Walk.



MOE Day Bowling

November, 2018

The MACK Youth Foundation celebrates the memory of our friend, Maurice Anthony Charles Kirkwood, Jr. with fun and games! If you considered yourself a friend to him, his family and friends would really appreciate you coming out and supporting on this day!



Ready for School Program

At the MACK Foundation, our Ready for School Program focuses on making sure students are prepared and ready to learn, because education is a key factor for success later in life. As schools cut budgets, the burden for supplies falls to families, and it is a heavy burden – as much as  $350 per student. Our mission is to help students and families focus on getting a great education by taking away the worry about the cost of their supplies.



  1. Book Bags

  2. School Supplies

  3. Pens & Pencils

  4. Paper & Folders

  5. Crayons & Markers

  6. USB drives


Items are provided to students from low-income families through our program.

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Black & White Gala

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Southfield Civic Center

Come and Learn about the start of the MACK Youth Foundation and all we plan to do. Join us and get involved in supporting our youth. The event starts at 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm. Admission is free!